Atlanta, GA - ECIA is pleased to announce the creation of a much improved standard industry form for transmitting design registration data among component industry supply chain participants. The ECIA Design Registration Form addresses the authorized electronic components industry’s need for a standardized methodology for design registration requests and approvals. There are many options for transmitting Design Registration data. These may include EDI, RosettaNet, manufacturer web portal, etc. An industry survey indicated the overwhelming majority of companies use email and a dated form issued by NEDA. The new ECIA form replaces that old form and provides guidance when designing web access options.

"Yes, we removed the space for pager numbers on our new form," joked Tom Griffin, Managing Director, Catalyst-Sales, Inc, and chair of the revision committee. "This form had not been updated since the mid-90s until now. A number of companies actively participated in process, so the differences are substantial and meaningful. The new form has separate sections for end customer, purchasing customer, and design customer, as well as fields for program status and target resale, for example. We really want to get the word out on the revised form so the industry can start taking advantage of the improvements," he explained.

The demand creation process is valuable for suppliers in that distributors and reps are working on their behalf to introduce new products and to include their parts in new designs. The process works successfully when the supply chain can track the assembly to the manufacturing location and fill the order for the designed in components. The process is completed when a fair return is paid to the distributor and rep and is reflected in the P&L for the designing organization as well as in the compensation for the rep. Using this new version of the very effective NEDA form will make that process smoother and easier for everybody.

The current demand creation process is one in which a distributor and/or manufacturer rep works with designers to include a supplier's part in a design. During this process the supplier acknowledges the distributor's efforts by assigning a design registration number through the use of the ECIA design registration form or supplier website form. The assembly is tracked to its manufacturing location and the purchase of the components through the distributor. The distributor is usually compensated for the design work through advantageous pricing of the components which enhances the distributor’s ability to win the production order at an acceptable margin.

For more information go to ECIA Design Registration.

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