Atlanta, GA - ECIA is pleased to announce completion of the first milestone in its comprehensive 2-D barcode implementation initiative with the publication of ECIA Labeling Specification EICP 114.1. The primary objectives of the new specification are to address the needs of the electronic component distributor community and to synchronize this industry's document to broader material handling industry documents, such as ANSI MH10. The goal is to encourage widespread adoption of 2-D barcode labeling.

"The advantages of 2-D barcode labeling are widely understood at this point," explained Barney Martin, vice president of industry practices with ECIA. "The widespread adoption of 2-D barcode will mean human error is almost eliminated from the material handling process: one scan loads all the information about the component into the barcode when the supplier first ships the part. This ensures accurate information and cuts time and cost out of the process. Getting everybody to adopt the technology is a prime directive of the ECIA Supply Chain Council; the publication of the specification is an important step."

ECIA has partnered with Bar Code Graphics, Inc. to (BCG) to help the industry transition to 2-D barcode labeling. BCG has been in operation for more than 30 years and will host the certification and testing program to help facilitate adoption. "We are very encouraged by the level of commitment from the distributor and supplier community to this important initiative," reported Andy Verb, BCG's president and CEO. "When we first got involved with this project, we were afraid it would be like herding cats to get the players to agree to new practices and give up their legacy programs. It is a huge undertaking, but ECIA helped us get to the right people in the organizations who could make the decisions to make it happen. We are on track to have the legacy exceptions eliminated entirely from the industry supply chain by January 2019."

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