Atlanta, GA -- ECIA is pleased to announce a comprehensive engagement with Barcode Graphics, Inc. to facilitate broader industry adoption of 2D barcode technology within the authorized component supplier community. Recognizing the cost savings and efficiencies of supply chain adoption of this technology, ECIA published the EIGP 114.00 document for 2D Barcode Labeling in 2015. Categorized as an ECIA guideline, the EIGP 114.00 was drafted for the sake of the manufacturer community to enable them to more easily convert from linear to 2D bar code labeling. Some large distributors have already implemented 2D requirements to realize benefits within their own supply chains. Naturally, each distributor implemented the standard to best serve its own internal processes; this has made it more complicated for component suppliers using multiple distributors to comply with 2D bar code technology.

“Considering the fact that component manufacturers do not realize an immediate gain from 2D bar code implementation, complex and varying testing processes that are unique for each distributor partner, represent a huge burden,” explained Victor Meijers, Senior Vice President, ECIA. “A unified and concise testing process, built on global standards, is imperative for facilitating implementation within the manufacturer community. Bar Code Graphics is a recognized specialist in this field and has been providing this model of compliance services to retailers, manufacturers, and distributors for over 30 years. We believe ECIA’s engagement with Bar Code Graphics will drive much wider industry adoption of this important tool.”

“We have been working with some ECIA members to implement 2D bar code labeling for several months,” continued Andy Verb, President of Bar Code Graphics. “Since the 2D bar code label formats consolidate multiple linear bar code symbols to single 2D bar codes, distributors can realize immediate time saving benefits from adoption. Consequently, some of the larger distributors have implemented or have begun to implement 2D bar code requirements for their manufacturer suppliers. Variances in how each distributor applied the EIGP 114 made it imperative that a third party like ECIA take a more proactive role in standardizing the distributor implementation. We look forward to working with ECIA members to implement this 21st century technology solution.”

Bar Code Graphics innovates and supplies Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) Technology. We work with companies who need to put a barcode on something or need to scan one that is already on something.

About ECIA

The Electronic Components Industry Association (ECIA) is made up of the leading electronic component manufacturers, their manufacturer representatives and authorized distributors. ECIA members share a common goal of promoting and improving the business environment for the authorized sale of electronic components to the end customer. Comprised of a broad array of leaders and professionals representing all phases of the electronics components supply chain, ECIA is where business optimization, product authentication and industry advocacy come together. ECIA members develop industry guidelines and technical standards, as well as generate critical business intelligence. For more information, visit or call 678-393-9990.

About Bar Code Graphics, Inc.

Bar Code Graphics innovates and supplies Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) Technology. We work with companies who need to put a barcode on something or need to scan one which is already on something. For more information, visit, or call 800-662-0701.

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